After reviewing dozens of submissions, Mayor Jaworsky has selected the following eight Grade 5 students for his 2017 Council for the Day:

  • Mayor Michaela Sheinin, from Lexington Public School;
  • Ward 1 Councillor Elaine Wen, K-W Bilingual School;
  • Ward 2 Councillor Jacinta Jameson, from Vista Hills Public School;
  • Ward 3 Councillor Uzair Memon, from Northlake Woods Public School;
  • Ward 4 Councillor Jack Sullivan, Lester B. Pearson Public School;
  • Ward 5 Councillor Mackenzie Dupuis, from Mère Élizabeth Bruyère Catholic School;
  • Ward 6 Councillor Grace Kennedy, from Keatsway Public School; and
  • Ward 7 Councillor Parasmai Conjeevaram, from Elizabeth Ziegler Public School.

The group will accompany Mayor Jaworsky at the State of the City, and will share their winning ideas during his address.
Thank you to everybody who submitted a contest entry. 
All eight winners:

  • Attend Mayor Jaworsky’s State of the City
  • Enjoy lunch with Mayor Jaworsky
  • Tour different city facilities
  • Conduct media interviews
  • And much more!