For less than the price of a good paperback book annually, per household, we can have a new library branch at RIM Park…a destination for many.

Whether you are a senior who walks RIM Park or plays pickleball, or a family who plays hockey, soccer, figure skating or uses the gym for basketball or volleyball, you will have a new library to call home.

The City has approved a new Waterloo Public Library branch in Eastbridge that listened to the input of hundreds of citizens.  A modern branch that support music-makers and maker-spaces.

The $7.5M capital cost of the library was wisely saved for by previous councils.  The proper operating costs will be edged into, over a handful of years, with costs shared 50/50 by current residents and new development.  And the costs to current homeowners will be less than $10/year.

The Eastside Library will complete our 4 site library system and will ensure learning is accessible for everyone.