We’ve made incredible strides together in preserving, protecting and adapting to our changing environment. You’ve told me that making Waterloo a great place to work and play is important to you – that includes ensuring we have vibrant and viable spaces to do just that.

Over the past four years, we’ve been focused on tangible actions that enable us to live sustainably, including:

An integral aspect of minimizing our footprint and having a livable city is by enabling active transportation choices – to get out of our cars, to use public transit and the roster of trails we have to explore the best of Waterloo. We’ve recently completed a significant investment in trails in Waterloo Park to increase usability and safety of trails. I’m promoting the idea of SuperTrails—an active transportation network that enables everyone to travel safely, with a priority placed on separation of vehicles and people. Be sure to check out the City of Waterloo interactive map to find a trail for you to enjoy!

Have feedback for me on what we’ve done so far? Get in touch – I’m keen to hear from you!