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Campaign Volunteer Opportunities

Campaign Code of Conduct

The Dave Jaworsky for Mayor of Waterloo Campaign asks our generous volunteers to abide by the campaign theme of positive leadership. Campaign volunteers will be required to agree to the tenets below to ensure that the campaign is compliant with our commitment to our community, constituents and municipal election colleagues.

* Be friendly to, courteous and respectful of and all engaged in the municipal election process, including those who may have different views or are supporting other candidates.

* Take your commitment to the campaign to heart and perform your duties to the best of your ability.

* Respect the mission and goals of the campaign – Positive Leadership!

* Deal with conflicts or difficulties in an appropriate and timely manner.

* Treat co-workers, volunteers, clients and members of the public fairly and without discrimination.

* Respect the democratic process, including campaign collateral from other candidates.

* Offer constructive feedback about the campaign in an appropriate manner.

Volunteers with questions about acting on behalf of the campaign should reach out to Campaign and Volunteer Managers:

Bob Crow –  robert.e.crow@gmail.com – 226 339 0461

Adele Newton adele_newton@rogers.com – 416 346 8949

Angela Olano angelaolano@gmail.com – 519 581 8796


Campaign Volunteer Job Descriptions

The Dave Jaworsky 2018 Campaign is seeking volunteers for a range of positions as detailed below.

Office Management and Logistics

The campaign office manager will be responsible for maintaining the campaign headquarters and working with the campaign management team to coordinate the administrative aspects of the campaign. The office manager will track and manage office equipment, supplies and schedules and will have the ability and authority to solve problems as they arise.


Door to door canvassing is an important way for campaign volunteers to connect personally with voters. Canvassing engages voters by providing information about Dave’s platform and persuades them to vote on Election Day.

Canvassing volunteers will be provided with poll maps, a canvassing script, canvass results forms, Election Day and Advance Poll information and campaign literature.

Volunteers will visit each residence on the provided poll map to:

* ask for support for Dave on Election Day

* provide information on Dave’s platform via distribution of campaign literature

* provide information about Election Day and Advance Polls

* request permission to install a lawn sign

Literature Drop

Volunteers will go to voters’ homes to leave a piece of campaign literature, without knocking on doors. Volunteers must be prepared to speak with voters who may be home and outside while volunteers visit their homes.

Sign Installation

Regional Road Sign Crew

Candidate name recognition is very important and implementation of the campaign’s sign plan will significantly increase voter recognition on election day. Regional road signs will be installed during the early morning hours of Friday September 7, 2018.

Road sign volunteers will be provided with prepared sign crew kits that include rules for placing signs, a mallet, map, measuring ropes and twist ties. Signs, stakes and suggested placement sites will also be made available to all volunteers.

Lawn Sign Installation

Volunteers will install campaign signs as follow up on requests from residents and companies.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) – Monday October 22, 2018

Election Day is the most important day of the campaign and all efforts are focused on getting Dave’s supporters to the polls.

The objective of this volunteer role is to ensure that all identified supporters vote for Dave Jaworsky before the polls close on election day.

Volunteers will receive GOTV training in advance of Election Day and will be responsible for the following on check in at campaign headquarters on October 22:

* Check-in at Campaign Headquarters to collect polling station kits.

* Travel to poll(s) and knock at each supporter’s door on walk list,

encouraging supporters to get out and vote .

* Provide voters with campaign literature and information about polling stations if they haven’t yet voted.

* Track list of residents contacted.

* Leave literature for those not home.

* Plan to return to these homes or call these supporters later in the day.

* Present Appointment of Scrutineer form to the clerk/DRO polling station(s) in order check list of those who have voted against supporter list.

* Continue to contact residents on supporter lists, knocking on doors and dropping off literature